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Neck Warmer TSDESIGN
Gesendet Dec 3, 2017

Cospa is nice.

Durch Japan User(translated) (154251)VonJapan

Personally I was satisfied with CospaI bought it for commuting, but I did not feel the coldness of the wind even in the early morning about 3 degreesI do not use it for Touring, but if you make it in time, I'm satisfied with Large

SA-053 Riding Leg Bag 1 KOMINE
Gesendet Dec 2, 2017

What you need enters

Durch Japan User(translated) (154251)VonJapan

Day trip at Touring, Wallet, cigarette, Digital cameraetc. I will enter enough. HipBack and Waist Bag were bothersome while traveling, but this is a solution.

Wind Guard Face Mask ROUGH&ROAD
Gesendet Dec 2, 2017

Size is Large

Durch Japan User(translated) (154251)VonJapan

Shield is foggy when you do face mask, so the price is reasonableI purchased this product which seems to be superior in function.However, Size does not fit on face with Large ramp.Material is stiff, thick chin so chin strap is difficult to tighten.Velcro clasp behind the neck is too thick to feel uncomfortable.So, I just tried on it and I do not us...

HBG-006 Logo Glove HenlyBegins
Gesendet Dec 2, 2017

As Mechanic Gloves

Durch Japan User(translated) (154251)VonJapan

Mechanic Gloves which I used to date has become so old that I purchased it.I have one criterion for choosing Mechanic Gloves.That is "T - Type Wrench can turn to Smooth".Well, there is a Mechanic Gloves whose palm is RubberMaterial, but turning T-Type Wrench will cause Gloves to get caught and can not be used. This Gloves is pleasing to t...

GWS G Vector 2Compact Rain Suit [GSM12512] GOLDWIN
Gesendet Dec 2, 2017

Goldwin raincoat

Durch Anonymous (1)VonUnited States

Good price, fast shipping and good quality. Buy this as spare. Current one is still good. Will buy again in the next two years!

JK-588 FULLYER Titanium Jacket KOMINE
Gesendet Nov 30, 2017


Durch Anonymous (3)VonSouth Korea

첫 인상은 뭔가 많이 달렸네 하는 느낌이었습니다.
조금씩 만져보니 완전 겨울전용이 아닌지라 그런가 하는 생각이 들었고,
생각보다 내피도 2중으로 되어 있어 꽤나 흡족했습니다....

TRV067 TECCELL Separate Chest Protector [Button Type] RS Taichi
Gesendet Nov 30, 2017

I feel secure.

Durch Japan User(translated) (154251)VonJapan

Until I met this product, I used Honda's Body protector separate. Honda's Protector was also not bad, but there was a case where the engagement of the center part was off depending on the installation position.On that point, this Protector is firmly engaged, so it will not come off during driving. Also, it got thinner than before and the fe...

Gesendet Nov 29, 2017

It is a little tight.

Durch Japan User(translated) (154251)VonJapan

Design - I like the texture, but it is tight whether my neck is thick. Of course, because it is StretchMaterial, it stretches, but since I was imaging the feeling like BUFF, I guess it's a bit different - - - When. I tried rolling it even on my head, but my temple was tightened and I was dizzy.I only have One size, so I think it is good for wom...

Gesendet Nov 29, 2017

New Era - It is a flat sponges..

Durch Japan User(translated) (154251)VonJapan

New Era 59FIFTY's BlackGoldLabel 100% Polyester - By Size - It is Made in China..In the image it looks like the collar has Round, but with a perfect flat brim, the Tsuba is one color Orange.Emblem of GFX is Material : Is Plastic.Size is the same as other New Era. I'm preventing sweat bleeding and adjusting the size with Liner of the sweat s...

Raincoat for motorcycle riders Webike Motosports
Gesendet Nov 28, 2017

Purchasing with COSPA emphasis

Durch Japan User(translated) (154251)VonJapan

Because I did not have Rain Wear, I bought it for Cospara.Because the Waterproof part will be useless in any Brand in a few years,It does not change much if it is a product with a certain price.

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