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Gesendet Aug 18, 2017

Nice stuff

Durch Anonymous (2)VonSingapore

I bought this because I had the previous version..the EVO is much softer..more of the clarino leather than the first model, the first model has more cow leather on the palm..the fit does not change, soft and light, overall its good for normal street riding..recommended product!

VAPOR PRO Knee Protector alpinestars
Gesendet Aug 15, 2017


Durch Anonymous (1)VonChina

-( 具有优异的减震性能的垫板被放置在创新的保护结构上,使CE标准更加清晰 。
- 使用ThermoFormPolymer具有优异的减震性 。...

AK-002 Cool Max Inner Cap KOMINE
Gesendet Aug 12, 2017

For summer touring.

Durch Japan User(translated) (150437)VonJapan

Helmet interior Cushion, Decoration Sweat and scalp oil sweat and so on are reduced directly into Large quantity, even a little purchase purchase.. There is certainly this effect.The difficulty is that the seams dig into the scalp and the head hurts.Also, where the marks of the seam get on the forehead.Recently, when I return from Touring, I remove...

Gesendet Aug 12, 2017

It may be difficult to use now.

Durch Japan User(translated) (150437)VonJapan

It is a very solid build. To be honest, it is hard to put in luggage.It was good 4 years ago when purchasing, now iphone also gets Large, and it is very hard to put Case on 7 plus.As much as it looks, 2. I feel that it will not enter as much as the capacity of 2 l.Sumaho, Wallet enters, the rest is like putting a pen in the gap, or feeling to screw...

Waist Side Pad ROUGH&ROAD
Gesendet Aug 12, 2017

As a precautionary equipment

Durch Japan User(translated) (150437)VonJapan

Pants for owned Motorcycle are not equipped with West Side Protector, so I purchased it for the emergency and installed it.Protection effect is limited because it is thin, but it is much more secure than hip batting in nothing condition.Magic tape sewing to Pants side managed somehow by myself. It looks bad but it's not a place to see.It is eas...

SK-491 Extreme Knee-Shin Protectors KOMINE
Gesendet Aug 12, 2017

I will wear it when wearing ordinary Jea...

Durch Japan User(translated) (150437)VonJapan

Standard Although it is the thickness of the leg of the figure, it can be fitted perfectly.There is much more relief after installation than the Guard on Pants for Motorcycle.While I was wearing it from morning till evening, I also took a walk in the Motorcycle and walked but when I walked I felt somewhat uncomfortable, but it was not enough to car...

GK-194 Protect 3D Mesh Gloves Douji KOMINE
Gesendet Aug 12, 2017

I care about palm Slider

Durch Japan User(translated) (150437)VonJapan

I chose Parenthesis because it was good in a cheap price range.Because I have a short finger for the Large Kimi of my hand, L Size often has too much fingertips, but this product was perfect without so much surplus.What I was concerned about was Smar's hand under the fingers Slider (PalmSlider) is.It seems to protect the palm when it falls, but...

Riding Day Bag 27 [GSM17614] GOLDWIN
Gesendet Aug 11, 2017

It can be used other than Motorcycle

Durch Japan User(translated) (150437)VonJapan

While riding, I fixed it to Seat, and when I left Motorcycle I quickly removed and I was looking for a Bag to bear and I arrived at this.There are some items of similar use, but when installing Motorcycle it is necessary to accommodate the Shoulder belt, and it is a shape that is not much considered for shouldering, and there are not any things I l...

BK-075 Riding Shoes KOMINE
Gesendet Aug 10, 2017

Slider freaked overwhelming self asserti...

Durch Japan User(translated) (150437)VonJapan

It is a Sharp overview as it is from the side as it is a product photo.But the actual thing is Toe slider "I am Slider!" As much as to sayI overwhelmingly assert self-assertion in the horizontal direction.personally, "Well ...." It looks like.On practical use there is a problem with Belt at the top.Because of the angle of cuttin...

PKL-123 Cool Compression Underpants KOMINE
Gesendet Aug 10, 2017

It is cool and comfortable.

Durch Japan User(translated) (150437)VonJapan

I was surprised by its cool feeling as soon as I took it off the opening. I tried using it on the day when the temperature exceeded my body temperature in Tokyo, but it was very comfortable.

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