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JK-101 Riding Mesh Jacket Light KOMINE
Gesendet Jul 25, 2017

Decent jacket ubt underestimated the siz...

Durch Anonymous (1)VonMalaysia

I tried my best to measure myself and referred to the size chart but somehow ther L size that i bought was too tight for me. It would have been a great jacket long year summer season in Malaysia but its a shame thst i'm too damn fat to wear size L. For those who wish to buy, try to get a size bigger for better assurance.

Vault(TM) N6 Low Profile Elbow/ Knee Pad Replacement Armor SPEED AND STRENGTH
Gesendet Jul 22, 2017

Fit with Soft and less discomfort.

Durch Japan User(translated) (149561)VonJapan

OMINE Komine : When I purchased WJ-731S Full Year Kevlar Jeans, Knee Pad firmly purchased separately because it does not fit into jeans at all.. Although it has a thickness, it is soft and compatibility with jeans is also good. Regarding performance and Protection, we are evaluating 3 because it is not overturned.I feel doubt whether Manufacturer w...

16 Model SYNCRON Jersey ANSWER
Gesendet Jul 22, 2017

Whee is bad, is not it?

Durch Japan User(translated) (149561)VonJapan

It does not come to the delivery date displayed at the time of ordering and will change display during order confirmation or what does it mean?

SA-208 Waterproof Riding Bag 20 KOMINE
Gesendet Jul 22, 2017

I will enter more than I expected.

Durch Japan User(translated) (149561)VonJapan

I bought it for the first time referring to everyone's impression.Because it can store Shoulder strap and Waist belt, I use it as Staff sac.For Touring on the 2nd and 3rd, it is exactly about Size.Waterproof performance is also no problem.(However, because the surface is a cloth, it becomes a bishochi)Although each company has Iloilo products, ...

PK-722 Kevlar Ride Jeans KOMINE
Gesendet Jul 22, 2017

Hook is a bit handy, but it has Cost per...

Durch Japan User(translated) (149561)VonJapan

178 cm, 80 kg, W = 88 cm, "XL" To Order.Because I usually wear Jeans of the eyebrow and eyebrows, the waist, the circumference of the butt has a lining, I feel a little cramped.(Although the influence of meat around the stomach may be Large)Just like everyone else's impression, the knee rotation is just good enough to put Protector.Al...

YAR24 EVA Rain Poncho YAMAHA
Gesendet Jul 21, 2017

It is not really breathable raincoat for...

Durch Anonymous (7)VonHong Kong

I use it in the summer season and i found that it is not breathable because i was sweating after the rain was stopped.
It is not economic and the Price is little bit expensive for EVA raincoats. Will consider to buy another raincoat made by other materials next time.

YRJ09 Racing Chair in Bag YAMAHA
Gesendet Jul 21, 2017

Good quality backpack

Durch Anonymous (7)VonHong Kong

It is good quality backpack for travelling. I use it when i need to take a seat when necessary in the common area.
I would recommend friends to order one if they love Yamaha racing team . It is a good product for Yamaha Fans!

HBG-016 Carbon Mesh Gloves HenlyBegins
Gesendet Jul 20, 2017

Things were good - - -

Durch Japan User(translated) (149561)VonJapan

I checked on the Size table and bought M Size.I thought that Just fit was good when I put it in my hand before I got on the Motorcycle and thought that it was good with Just fit, but when I actually went to Touring, I felt a little Small and I felt a feeling of pressure on my hands. I thought that I thought it was good to have L Size again After al...

KAWASAKIxBates Air Through Mesh 2 WAY Jacket KAWASAKI
Gesendet Jul 19, 2017

The goods are considerably better than I...

Durch Japan User(translated) (149561)VonJapan

The correspondence after ordering is quite early and satisfied Large.However, I am sorry that A MEX is not attached at Card settlementI will buy something in the futureI would like to ask you to be able to settle MEXCard.

Ligament Set for K Series PODMX
Gesendet Jul 19, 2017

The durability is high, but is not it hi...

Durch Japan User(translated) (149561)VonJapan

Previously I used Asterisk. I feel defeated by wrapping. However, this one is cooler.I started to use this 5 years from 1 or 2 every evening from 3 years ago it will not take once a monthIt is riding in SundayRiderLevel and it has a long lasting long termI understand that it is a special Material, but Quantity : It feels like 7000 yen at 2pc is sli...

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