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fits: Others Universal
  • Others Universal
Gesendet Aug 16, 2017

Beautiful chrome castle Hurricane!

Durch Anonymous (14)VonRussia

Made very high quality! Looks great on the handlebars of Honda! You can leave a helmet, a small bag or a bag for a long time! The accessory is more aesthetic and a little practical! Personally, I like it when a motorcycle is covered with all sorts of chrome pieces such as the cap of a skull clock, etc. The lock works very well! Complete with 2 keys...

Portable Helmet Cover ROUGH&ROAD
Gesendet Aug 12, 2017

Convenient when Long touring

Durch Japan User(translated) (150437)VonJapan

When you go to Long touring like 10 days or 2 weeks, there will always be a rainy day.I thought that this product with Waterproof function will be useful for parking on a rainy day, I bought it.If it is weak rain Large was durable.Beyond that, it is better to put Helmet in the Waterproof bag for Outdoor and then store it in this product.Recently I ...

Open/Close Type 3D Competition Shield ALFA RAYS
Gesendet Aug 12, 2017

The texture is good - - -

Durch Japan User(translated) (150437)VonJapan

Color is Flash mirror, Light smoke, UV Cut processing - Although it is hard court processing and the texture of the Shield itself is good, compared to the Shield of the same shape that we currently own, it is Large in length and breadth.When actually attached to the Helmet, the tip of the shield moves forward. I think that it covers the lower part ...

Universal Helmet Holder PMC(Performance Motorcycle Creative)
fits: Others Universal
  • Others Universal
Gesendet Aug 12, 2017

Excellent which can fix Helmet on Handle...

Durch Japan User(translated) (150437)VonJapan

Attaching a Side case holder etc. to SEROW and its brothers may interfere with existing Helmet holders and be unusable in some cases, but it is useful for such cases.High texture and beautiful appearance.Fixing the Helmet, you will not have to squat down next to the Motorcycle, it's comfortable.

Gesendet Aug 11, 2017

It is comprehensively good

Durch Japan User(translated) (150437)VonJapan

I love Jet because its face is big..Manufacturer is wrong, but Quantity : 2pc. It is a purchase of eyes eye.Compared to the other one the feeling of Fit is inferior but it is enough.

Gesendet Aug 11, 2017

After all SHOEI is wonderful

Durch Japan User(translated) (150437)VonJapan

Fancy Graphic model, monochrome ColorMODEL, Full face with Jet helmet - - -We are replacing variously and alternately, but this time "Lightness" Based on the basis, I wanted a full face for a long time - - -I actually touched it at the shop front and heard that it was light with previous reputation "SHOEI Z-7" However, even more...

Gesendet Aug 10, 2017

Manufacturer It is old and disappointing...

Durch Japan User(translated) (150437)VonJapan

In August 2017, we purchased Helmet, which arrived in August 2015. Two years have passedManufacturer It is strange that I sell it as an order. If it is cheaper than others, I can endure, but the price is not special cheap, and Helmet should stop buying it on Wa Big. It is the worst that 2 years passed by Manufacturer by new article will arrive.

IBUKI ENVOY Pearl White Helmet OGK
Gesendet Aug 9, 2017

Replacement from SHOEI X-ELEVEN

Durch Japan User(translated) (150437)VonJapan

Although there is weight, weight feeling when it is covered is not that much.Lightness is not compared with X-ELEVEN, but InnerShade and chin strap are one-touch, it is very useful for long touring.The interior is a quick-dry Material, the sweat that I had in summer touring will dry quickly.Ventilation is not foeish to SHOEI enemy. X-ELEVEN is old ...

Shield for X-802R X-702 NOLAN
fits: Others X-802R NOLAN
  • Others X-802R NOLAN
  • X-702
Gesendet Aug 9, 2017

Tequito Italy people

Durch Japan User(translated) (150437)VonJapan

There are scratches on both ends of the Shield, and it is a place that does not go into sight, I do not feel good.It is more expensive than domestically produced Manufacturer.The exchange is easy and can be done in a few minutes.

Helmet Semi Smoked Shield Super Adsis L Correspondimg Product IMPACT
fits: Others RAPIDE-V ARAI
  • Others RAPIDE-V ARAI
  • ...und mehr.
Gesendet Aug 8, 2017

It is not OEM but good.

Durch Japan User(translated) (150437)VonJapan

Although it is not an OEM, Cost performance is good and Quality is also good.Although it was also in the Impre of the other, I could not lock under ShieldLeft, but when I strongly tried it a few times I was able to play with the Black locking Parts and Shield, so that the Black Parts can move and lock became. If this part is improved it is a perfec...

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