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Lenker & Instrumente

Rahmen / Rahmenprotektoren
Federungen / Fußrastenanlagen / Felgen / Schwingen


Since launching in June 2013, Grom is in a trend due to its compact and easy-to-handle body size and full-fledged equipment reminiscent of a large-sized sports model such as an inverted type front suspension and front / rear wheel disc brake It is a two-kind moped model that is also supported as a second motorcycle of large two-wheelers, including sensitive youth.This time, Grom styling which emphasized volume feeling and dynamic feeling while being compact, was renewed to a more aggressive and powerful appearance.Adopting a newly designed LED headlight that produces advancedness and high quality texture, the unique front face is made more prominent and the body shape is raised to a fearless image by changing to a design that makes edge effect .Also, in addition to enhancing the convenience of refueling by newly adopting a hinged tank cap, the "retractable key" with a folding function that made it possible to hold the blade part of the ignition key in the hand can be stored in the hand for the first time in a Honda motorcycle We adopt it as a model full of playfulness, such as adoption.The body color has set three kinds of brilliant pearl valentine red, lemon ice yellow of sporty image, refreshing pearl Himalay's white.
Verschiebung 124 Motortyp JC61E
Maximale Ausgabe (ps) 9.8PS / 7,000 rpm Maximales Drehmoment (kgf / m) 1.1kgf・m / 5,250 rpm
Fahrzeuggewicht (Trockengewicht) 104 Treibstofftank Kapazität Liter 5.7

SP TAKEGAWA (Special Parts TAKEGAWA) Kompaktes Coo...

The Takegawa oil cooler comes with hoses suited to Takegawa 181cc cylinders or Takegawa Special Clutch Cover. Each application requires different fasteners so check the instructions very carefully for correct parts. I chose the largest cooler for maximum cooling effect. The cooler body is aluminium ...

SP TAKEGAWA (Special Parts TAKEGAWA) S Stufe eco B...

TAKEGAWA #01-05-0322 181cc S Stage eco Big Bore Kit. A budget Big Bore Kit (BBK) that makes your GROM simply amazing. Takegawa quality parts that can be installed straight from the box (ring gap checked and within tolerance). The Takegawa 181cc eco BBK comes with two blanking plugs so one doesn't n...

GROM PARTS USA Side + Unter Cowl Integrated Type S...

Cowl made abroad does not listen to a very good story, but I am attracted to the price of 20,000 or so and trying out.Of OEM "IceLemon yellow" Because it is a fairly special color, this CowlSet's "Color : I was worried whether it would fit with YellowAs you can see, properly "...

SP TAKEGAWA (Special Parts TAKEGAWA) Stoßdämpfer h...

OEM suspension of GROM that I think only as a stick rather than suspension."Why do not you replace it?" The part with the cheapest thing is Motorcycle called GROM.It may be correct as a Custom base (I intend to praise)That's why I tried it with SPTakegawa which was reputable just as it...

OHLINS Hinterradfederung

The Ohlins S36PR1C1 will not fit Australian Model GROM's. The fine print says "New model after June 2016 can not be used". The S36PR1C1 is very well made and finished. All the adjustments have a quality feel to them. At $900 (AUD) landed it's a very expensive lesson/research. It looks like it will f...

IMPACT Mittelschraubenabdeckung

I bought it cheaply at OutletSale.Painting is also beautiful and accuracy is also good.I think it would be nice to change your mood.There is no loss by buying.

KITACO Power Pack 125 Version 2

Very good kit!
3rd gear pulls to 100. Top Speed about 112.
No regrets, I will always run this kit. Stock is so slow and no fun at all.
I didn't use an oil cooler, just better oil. Rotella or Royal Purple.

IMPACT Hybrid-Kettenrad

I chose Bronze, but I am satisfied with the color of Image.With a luxurious color shade, it became a different atmosphere from Steel sprocket.

G-Craft Shift - Guide (solide gebaut)

Combined with Endurance's Rear Sets,Gear changing became comfortable.As well as the products of the overseas Bearing Specification, it is even more pleasing if there is a setting of Black color.

ENDURANCE Universal-Hauptzylinderhalter HG

Blue color of Anodized is gathered up as Accent in the whole of BlackBase.I use it together with MASTERSinterCap of the same series

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